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Analysis on market scale and development trend of luggage industry in 2020
  Release time: 2020-11-05     Hits: 292

From 2009 to 2019, the overall market size of the global luggage industry is on the rise. In 2019, the global luggage sales volume reaches 156 billion US dollars, of which China and the United States respectively occupy 24% of the market share.

In recent years, China's luggage industry has witnessed rapid growth. In 2019, the market scale will reach 253 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of nearly 10%. From the perspective of market scale growth, the growth rate of China's luggage industry is ahead of that of the world. Judging from the development trend of the global luggage industry, the expansion of China's luggage market will lead to the continuous rise of the global industry scale; on the other hand, the recovery of the tourism market after the epidemic will further promote the development of the industry, and the global market size is expected to reach about 211.2 billion US dollars by 2025.